Alright, the theatre tour in Holland is over. Musically it was absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve done until now. I was so happy with those guys on stage, we sure had a blast. Those who were there: thank you for joining us, you we’re amazing.

So suddenly there is some time! And that means writing. Since one year I share a great place with some other guys where we can practise, rehearse, write, hang etc etc. And it’s such a luxury to have a place like that. So the last few weeks I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible in that studio, where I have all the gear set up. It’s actually starting to look like a real studiostudio… And slowly some stuff comes out. So there might be chance we’ll be heading to a real studio soon, to record some stuff! But we’ll see where we’ll be in a couple of weeks/months.

There has been some more writing/playing around with others. Amongst others, my friend Sleepin’ Giant recently released an online EP (vinyl release on the 21st of April), and he asked me to join him on one track. Check it out on his Soundcloud page or go to iTunes, he’d be happy to see you there. And it’s actually doing quite well outside of Holland…

But there will be some more good things coming up. Oh boy, and I can’t wait to tell you all. But you and I have to be patient, i’m sorry. But I promise: More updates soon! (always end your story with a cliffhanger…)

In the mean time, see ya ’round! There are some more gigs coming up, so keep a close look on the tour data. Cheers!